Saturday, August 21, 2010

These prints are made by the Baren international group of printmakers.
These prints are on sale for $1,000 for the entire
portfolio of 29 prints, or individually for
$150 each.  They are all created using
some form of relief printmaking.  All
are 8 1/2" x 10 1/2".  For this collection,
29 artists participated, from as far away as
Brazil, Bulgaria, Australia, Japan, Uganda, Israel,
Ireland, New York and California.  Each artist makes
30 or more of the same print and sends them to the coordinator,
who sends back to them 29 different prints. One
set is archived by the University of Kansas. 

Usually a print portfolio such as
this contains a colophon, which lists
all the prints which are supposed to be
in the group.  Although one or more prints
may be sold individually, it is preferable to
keep the collection together.

The group is called Baren, after the
name of the tool used to print hanga woodblock prints
by hand in Japan.  This type of print is called moku hanga,
 which means handmade prints.  Most, but not all of these
prints are made using non-toxic water-based inks,
some from mixing dry pigment with water and
rice paste the way it was done centuries
ago in Japan.  It's called the Ukiyo-e
method of printmaking.  Also,
members of the Baren group
participate in an online
discussion forum
David Bull was
the founder of
this group.

Baren Portrait Exchange

linoleum block print by Jean Womack
"One day I thought I was dying."

"He said, she said."  by Daryl Depry,
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Argus"  by Philip Smith,
Hammond, Oregon, USA

"Florida Sunset," by Jeanne Norman Chase,
Sarasota, Florida, USA

"Topographical Ma..p? ...n?" by David Bull,
Tokyo, Japan

"3/4 century over time and space," by E.B. Atwood,
Union, Maine, USA

"Woodrings," by Maria Arango
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"Here today, gone Utamaro,"
by John Wyatt Amoss,
Athens, Georgia, USA

"Self-portrait," by Arafat Al Naim,
Sophia, Bulgaria

"Untitled," by Julio Rodriguez,
Skokie, Illinois

Self-portrait, by Gregory Robison,
Kampala, Uganda

"Ross and Me," by Wanda Robertson
Molalla, Oregon, USA

"Untitled," by James Mundie
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"Barbara with curly hair,"
by Barbara Mason,
Portland, Oregon, USA

"Self Portrait al la Florence,"
by Bobbie Mandel,
Portland, Oregon, USA

"Self Portrait as a Greyhound with Red Sweater,"
by Sarah Hauser, New York, USA

"Looking Out," by Ray Hudson
Middlebury, Vermont, USA

"Self," by Ruth Leaf
Venice, California, USA

"What the Mirror Saw," by Brian Lockyear
Portland, Oregon, USA

"Short Cut (self)" by Bea Gold,
Los Angeles, California, USA

"Double Self Portrait With Hat," State I
by Andy English,
Ely, England

"Black & White #2," by Peter White,
San Bernardino, California, USA

"Self Portrait with Grapes," by April Vollmer,
New York, USA

"Midwife Weighing the Baby," by Sylvia Taylor,
Northern Ireland

"Autoretrato," by Horacio Soares Neto,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Joe At Work," by Joe Sheridan,
Long Island, New York, USA

"Smile, Grandpa," by Arye Saar,
Kibbuz Degania B, Israel

"An Evening by the Sea,"
by John Ryrie,
Melbourne, Australia

"Sister Aurora," by Gayle Wohlken
Ohio, USA